No.1 Comment system Disqus Should be Avoided Or Not?

Choosing the right commenting platform Is difficult!?

There are many Commenting platform available which is already hosted. Like Disqus, livefyre, etc.. And you need to choose right amoung Free and Paid!

If you are using wordpress or any other CMS, It Comes with pre-built commenting system.

If you are disappointed with default comment system, There Is disqus, Which Is a global comment system that improves discussion on websites and connects conversations across the web.


Is a worldwide blog comment hosting service for web sites and online communities that use a networked platform.

The company’s platform includes various features, such as social integration, social networking, user profiles, spam and moderation tools, analytics, email notifications, and mobile commenting.

Disqus Is Overrated?

Lots of bad comments about Disqus on the review sites and other discussion forums saying that It Is so bad and fooling you!

Irritating Ads

Some states that they are promoting their contents through our blogs! I too agree that. But If you are not paying, how they are going to run their service?

For free always like a charity to your blogs? If you don’t like to let them show their ads on your blog, please go for paid plans!

With paid plans of them, you will not see any ads in your website any more.

There Is even a option In your Dashboard to control ads In your comments!

You can disable ads within Comments and below comments by going to settings -> Ads from Disqus Dashboard

Uncheck all the options available to remove maxiumum ads from your comments!

Disqus Steeling your data?

I really don’t know what they are doing with our data. In 2017, Disqus acquired by a Data/Marketing Company Known as Zeta Global.

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After that many of the disqus lovers started to leave due to privacy concerns, despite the fact It is still the no.1 Commenting system Available.

As to My knowldge, I know one thing, not only disqus collect your data, but other services we are using online and In our websites.

We don’t know what is these private companies using with our data. We cannot predict disqus is far worst at it!

You can stop Them selling your data by opting out!

Disqus privacy optout

Disqus Slowing Your website?

Yes! It Is true that Comments slowing your webiste down. It Is very normal that If you are loading a script like Disqus from outside.

But there Is an antidote to Fix this!

Lazy Load Comments

You can lazy load comments to Reduce page speed. By using this trick, you are not going to be in trouble with Page load.

If you are not using any CMS, You can read this article to know how to lazy load Disqus with Javascript on your website!

If you are using, WordPress there is a plugin called DCL aka Disqus Conditional Load to fix the loading issue!

DCL is an advanced version of Disqus Commenting System for wordpress websites, with which experience the boosted page loading speed difference.

This free plugin adds advanced features like lazy loading and SHORTCODE, comment widgets, script disabling etc to your Disqus powered website.

Download this plugin from your own wordpress dashboard and activate it with disqus!

You can choose from ‘Lazy load comments’ or Load By clicking ‘Load comments button’

If you are capable of paying for their premium plan, you will get benefit of loading comments after first scroll. It will help you to achieve better in page speed and your users will never see any blankspace until the first scroll!

Page Perfromance after DCL

I am recently Installed DCL wordpress plugin In this blog to conditionally load comments and it is awesome!

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You will never experience any slow page speed or loading time. Also you can score better in page speed score and as well as In search Engine.

Here Is a result from GT-Metrix for a blog post with upto 1300 words, after I Implemented DCL Plugin for WordPress!

Loaded In 2.2 Seconds

Here Is The Pros

Believe it or not, I actually think Disqus has a lot of advantages over native comments.

I personally think or I have friends who only comments If there Is disqus comment system available In a website.

Disqus Is Simple And Free

It Is simple to use In any CMS or even In Custom made blogs! Once you get it set up, it is very easy to use and just works.

It can be freely Installed In any type of websites without any cost. You need to compromise as they may show ads or affiliate links in your website for their coffee, If you are not A paying customer.

That Is very usual and not a big problem as already mentioned above. Just pay if you need fully unlocked functionality of this wonderfull Commenting platform!

Reduce 99% Of Spam

Spam Is the biggest problem you ever face In any comment moderation. It Is really a headache for moderators and even If we configured all the comment spam filters, We may still get spam comments.

You may need to setup ultra protection for native comments but Disqus Makes Its quite easy! Disqus allows you to focus on other things and not ever waste time with spam cleanup.

You can have multiple moderators in your website, that will help you in cleaning spam and other junk comments. When you have multiple moderators on a site, it is very simple for readers to instantly see that moderators of the site are responding to their comments.

By default, It places a “mod” icon next to your name. The text in this icon can even be easily changed from the Disqus admin settings.

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Social Login

Social Login Makes It easier for your users to login to your commenting system and they can managae their own comments If they are Commented With their profile.

Many people are discourage others to not use disqus by saying people will abandon your website for ever by they cannot submit comments anonymously!

It Is not true. You can enable guest commenting. This Makes it possible for other who has no account can comment!


Disqus Is the Best, Popular and #1 Commenting System available in the web without any cost. It makes your community grow larger and also engagement.

You will not get any service for free without any compromise. You need to teach yourself that nothing is free in this world. Everything comes with a cost. For this, you cannot blame anyone who provide you a service for free.

I am not suggesting you to change your default native comments here. I got confused after I saw many bad reviews about Disqus. But I did a Experiment with my blog and It is awesome!

I just Installed DCL Plugin and Still My website score 99 In page speed score!

So If you can setup anything properly, You will not blame others. And If You cannot, You blame others for no reason.

In case of page speed, there is no need for you to change this wonderfull comment system.

I don’t know much more about the privacy issues from disqus and If you don’t take a chance by giving them a try, Then don’t Use It as You may be value your visitors privacy as Am I!

What I am Trying to explain is Page speed And Disqus Will not have any Correlation as others say If you Use DCL WordPress Comments Plugin!

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