How To Start A Blog With Greengeeks Quick Launch Tool

Start A Blog

‘What is blog’ is a question that many people ask and should not ask in this period of time as everyone who use internet might be visited any blog for any purpose.

And There are many people who daily visit many blogs for their own needs and still don’t know What really a blog and the potential and scope of blogging.

For those who don’t know, Here is the simple definition of blog:

“Blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style”

If you elaborate, It is the most important part of many online or offline businesses. Most of the search results in search engines including google are blogs.

Blogging is very simple nowadays, but not that much simple if you choose the wrong side for the journey.

This Article helps you to know the right side which leads you to the path that is easier for a blogger.

Web Hosting

It is one of the main and inevitable expense of blogging and there will be no exit from that expense as you never get trustable free hosting in near future.

Even Though, You can read this blog post for knowing the sites who giving free Hosting For You: How to get Free Hosting for any type of websites and blogs!

I don’t recommend free hosting if you are serious about your business.

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In these days, web hosting became very popular and simple at the same time. It means you don’t want to subscribe for a course to learn how to do web hosting.

With the simple online tools from greengeeks, you can easily start a blog.

Greengeeks Quick Launch

Greengeeks is the best hosting provider who store all your website’s contents. I strongly recommend you Greengeeks the green web hosting company which is suitable for beginners.

As you start your blog on greengeeks, you will have additional benefits such as below!

° Quick Launch Tool
° Green Hosting (Eco Friendly)

Read more about the greengeeks web hosting cons from this: Greengeeks Hosting: It’s Faster, Secure and Eco friendly

Here are the steps to start a blog using greengeeks quick launch tool after having a hosting account with greengeeks.

First step is to goto greengeeks website for choosing the best hosting plan for your website. If you go to their website from here, I get benefitted from them.

1. Enter Your domain name after selecting the plan which is suitable for you
Greengeeks quick launch 012. Signup with your details such as your name, address and other details required for them to further procceed.
Greengeeks quick launch 023. After creating account, you will be redirected to your hosting dashboard. There you can see as below
Greengeeks quick launch 034. For creating a website, Click the first column “Start a new website”
Greengeeks quick launch 045. After that Select which CMS (WordPress) Platform you need to install for your blog.
Greengeeks quick launch 056. Select Theme for your blog before installing wordpress
Greengeeks Quick launch7. That’s It! Your blog is know ready and published.Greengeeks Quick Launch 07 Congrats! Here you are, just started your blog with greengeeks quick launch tool.

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Hardly, It took below 30 seconds to install wordpress after the setup. I must say that Either the website will get slow neither the setup will be.

Pros Of Greengeeks

-> Fastest In the Industry
-> Comparatively More CPU & RAM
-> No Error while 100+ Simultaneous connections
-> Fastest TTFB on Average
-> Premium Security Features
-> 300% Green Hosting
-> Moneyback Guarantee

You will never get such budget friendly green hosting with these kind of features.

The main part of merit you get with greengeeks is that your website can be loaded fast as the core web vitals suggests as that is the latest google’s index algorithm update.

There are too many things to do after setting up the wordpress, such as choosing theme, plugins, etc..

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