Site IconHello and welcome to ‘A Blog powered by readers’. This is the place where you can find engaging and useful content that you are looking for. My name is Irfan Habeeb, and I’m the man behind this blog. I’m a web designer, developer, and blogger who loves to share my knowledge and passion with you. I started this website as a way to showcase my skills and services, but soon it became more than that. It became my online hub for connecting with my readers and offering them valuable information and insights.

On this blog, you will find articles on various topics such as digital marketing, blogging, SEO, software, and financial reviews. These are the things that I’m most passionate about, and I want to share my opinions and experiences with you. I also want to hear from you, and learn from your feedback and suggestions. I use this website as a platform for expressing my views and thoughts on many things that matter to me and you. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and find it helpful and interesting.

Besides technology, I also have a passion for writing stories and exploring my imagination. That’s why you will find various forms of art on this blog, such as novels, quotes, theories, and more. I also enjoy sharing my personal stories and experiences with you, so that you can get to know me better and relate to me. This blog is not only about tech, but also about me and you.

Irfan Habeeb

I’m Irfan, the founder of this website and blog that inspires me to write, write, and write. I have a degree in BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration from Calicut University in Kerala. I’m an aspiring entrepreneur and a lifelong learner. I’ve been building my online presence since I was in 8th grade. Blogging has helped me unleash my creativity and learn a lot about the internet and its possibilities.

I’ve always been curious about websites and the internet, and I started developing small websites when I was in school. That’s how I discovered my passion for technology and the online world, as well as blogging. Blogging has made me a writer and a thinker. I have a vivid imagination and I love to write stories of my own. It’s fun to create my own characters and control their fate as if I were a god. I’m also interested in various forms of art, and stories are one of them.

Apart from technology and arts, I love sports such as football, cricket, and many others. Sports keep me fit, healthy, and happy. They also teach me valuable lessons about teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. Some of my favorite sports personalities are Lionel Messi, Virat kohli and Rohit sharma. I admire their skills, passion, and achievements.