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Contact us for any kind of collab you have in mind and let’s discuss the details. We are open for any kind of collabs that benefits both the parties.

Website stats

Monthly Readers: Around 5,500
Monthly Pageviews: Around 10,000
Organic Traffic: 90%
-Last updated: Jan 01 – 2023 –

Types of ads

1. Banner Ads (Any size)
2. Links Ads (Sponsered)
3. Sponsered Post (+)
4. Video Ads(Embedded)
5. Custom Ads(+)

Sponsered post

If you want your product to be promoted here as an article, We will write a unique piece of content that is capable of generating thousands of organic traffic that might benefit you in the long run, because as long as the article remain published here, your product keep getting known by thousands.

Video Ads

Video ads are embedded video ads that can be included inside articles and everywhere around the website just like any other ads. Video ads are more effective for promoting some products and it’s been a nice way of introducing your content to the audience.