Why I’m Turning Comments Off in my Blog?

Comments are On again for many reasons! Thank you.

Are comments really Important for a Blog?

Yes for majority of bloggers. But I choose To Turn Off Comment section, because of many reasons.

Comments Are Important

For Many bloggers who can moderate and have a type of blog which is really needed a comment section.

My blog Is not different from others who really need comment section for users to Interact with bloggers!

But I choose the other way to Interact with My online friends.

I used to believe comments are the right of visitors, who is returning to our blog for new articles. And I still Believe It Is.

But the situation does not allow me to enable It. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

There are Many Reasons For this change In Our Blog!

Spam Comments

The First Reason Is Spam that is floating around my eyes when I scroll down to the bottom of any blog post! Now spammers are very Intelligent and I cannot Understand What Is the real comments from my genuine online friends.

I used to reply to spam and Ignored the real ones when I know nothing about Spam and Commenting systems around.

And I got comments only from other bloggers or who owns a links of their own to promote what they have in their pocket than their remarks about the articles.

I do configured disqus, Facebook and livefyre to get rid of from spam! But there is no possibility of escaping from spam.

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As I explained in the last post, 99% of spam can be reduced by using disqus or facebook comments.

But I don’t like that 1% of Spam remaining in 99%, in my website.

And I am not the very lover of third party comments system. I tried Many plugins, setups and configurations to block spams. But It is not possible for me!

May be It is my ignorance to fix this issue in my blog, but rather than spams there are other good reasons too.

Comments aren’t Traffic

Some states that Comments Is traffic! That is not true As Hubspot actually did all the data crunching research, analyzed over 100,000 blog posts, and didn’t find a correlation between either comments and links or between comments and page views, concluding that the “data shows that blog comments are not correlated with increased traffic.

Comments aren’t required

You don’t need to ask questions or about anything directly through the blog posts. You can directly contact me using my official social media pages!

I see endless websites with the same long comment threads full of variations of “hello” “Its Good” “Its Informative”!

And The Typical Comments like “Very well” “Very good” “Good Information” are not Important for others except me! So It is not relevant for our blog!

I personally think that comments like those are really outdated and cannot be related to the Traffic, Ranking and User Experience of a blog.

The Alternate

People are starting, and continuing, more conversations on social media instead of in blog comments.

If you wanted to contact me, you can make use of social medias like Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and others where I am more active!

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We can build our community by using our social medias, that is far better for any online conversations.

Are Blog Comments on the verge of Extinct?

I Love visitors to comment In my blog. But here many reasons for not allowing that, and majority of online readers are not tend to comment.

But I know many websites and blogs, where visitors make their reviews often. And I think It Is Important for such blogs and I don’t believe the comments are on the verge of extinct!

Suppose, you have a blog and 90% of comments are spam and remaining 9% are not relevant and Only 1% are actually relevant and usefull to others!

When this blog getting more traffic and genuine returning visitors, who always comment that is helpfull to others, I will enable It myself!

Thank You!

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