How to create stylish android apps on your mobile?

Create android apps online, Just Search on google like these and there you will see a bunch of websites like appypie, andromo, appyourself, appsgeyser, etc..

These online tools may be helpfull to you but almost all app creators have pricing, means paid services. So for the full features and addons, you need to purchase a plan!

But every tools doesn’t ask you to pay before using, There are tools which are partially free or completely free! So today you will learn how to create apps for free of charge.

This article is for those who are not code savvy and Intending to build stylish android apps for free without desktop or high end devices.

Online Tools

I used to create apps with many online tools such as appsgeyser, appypie, andromo, appyet, etc.. I am suggesting you the only one app creator called Appcreator24 to make applications and have success in your business!


Appsgeyser Is not the town for me to wander. They give you 50% of adspace to you according to their advertisement, but the truth is i don’t know. Appsgeyser made me $10 and after that, they started making money with my app created with their tool.

They removed my admob ads from the app and added their ads, So I have created the app similar or template which they are using is an open source browser, Lightning and I got the Source code from Github and Made my own app by changing some of the codes.

I was used my own signing key and because of that, It is able to update with different apk! Read This Article and learn how to sign android apps from your own mobile phone before you creating android apps with such online creators.

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App yet is another app creator I have used to build apps. Using AppYet, anyone can create a professional Android app. There’s no programming knowledge required, only take a few minutes to build your first app.

All you need to provide is links to Rss/Atom feed or website, they are automatically converted into stunning 100% pure native apps for Android.

You have the freedom to list/sell app on Google Play and many other Android Markets. Earn Ad money with embedded Ad or get thousand of installations to bring new constant visitors to your website.Create your first app now, fast, free and shockingly easy!

Android Apps

Appcreator24 allows you to create native apps for Android devices. And It is specially designed to create business apps since it allows you to easily display a product search engine, details about the company’s premises (such as its location on a map), include access to its corporate website, etc.

But it also allows you to create other types of apps, such as videos, live TV channels, music and radio. It also allows you to include a chat in the application to be able to talk between the company and customers.

Another very interesting function is that it allows you to send messages (notifications) directly to the users’ mobiles. It also allows you to enter advertising giving 100% of the benefits to the creator of the app.

Top Features

– Simplicity and speed in creating the app. Once configured, it can be downloaded instantly.

– Give 100% of the advertising benefits to the creator of the app (optional advertising)

– Allows you to send notifications to users at no cost.

– Allows the loading of products from feed in an automated and periodic way

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– Contains specialized sections for showing video, TV, music and radio.

– Contains sections specialized in displaying products and premises.

– What I am linking the most from their feature is 80% Of Adspace For Your Own Ads. So you can earn 80% Revenue From your app and only 20% to the developers.

– There are Social Functions like, Global chat, Discussions, Private chat, Likes, Comments, Social Video Sharing, chat groups, users activity log and users finder.

– Almost All Features and Functional Addons plus Google, facebook signin.

– There are 50+ Online Games, Quiz, Trivia games can be added to your application.

This program is aimed at any user who wants to create an Android app and who does not have programming knowledge or time to do so.

It is very easy to create apps with this online tool. Almost all types of apps can be easily created with this online tool.

I have created many apps with this tool, and making few dollars after publishing it to Google play store. You can see my apps created by Appcreator24 for my clients and Fun!

Android Apps Created with

° Smart Browser Fast and Clean

Here are the screenshot of one of the apps created with Appcreator24

create android apps

Lets Start Creating Apps

Create a free account using this link and create your first application with them!

° You need to choose a right name for your app and then a icon that suits the features and functions of your app!

° Then select which type of app you need to create. Then they will ask you to add few sections according to your app type, If you intend to add those sections, Click ok to all

° Then you will redirected to your app’s dashboard page and select ‘sections’

Create Android Apps

There, you are free to do anything! You need to discover every feature from there for your better app business. Or you can just follow my next blog posts about Adding Contents and Design Your App!

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It is 100% free and create unlimited android apps without any paid services except the Ad Blocker, which is only supported for apps with users below 100! Only pricing to say in this service is they will show their ads to 20% of your apps users, means you will get 80% of adspace.


You can monetize your apps with famous Ad networks such as Google Admob, Appnext, Startapp, facebook, adcolony, pollfish, etc. They support Banner, Fullscreen, native ads, In-chat ads and rewarded ads.

Playstore Submission

Playstore submission is possible and you will get both .aab and .apk of your app. Android apps you get from their site is signed and able to publish to playstore. I am suggesting you to Create a key store and sign your apk file then upload to your Console. It will help you in future!

Their Guides

1. Guide to create Android apps and make money

2. Tips About Google Play: It can be found in your App’s Dashboard!


I hope you are fine with this article or this help you to create android apps! The last tool I Mentioned is more than enough to create android apps. Appyet is still a option for those who need to create android apps in seconds. But if you want more control over your app, go for Appcreator24

Having Android apps is important now a days! So just create your android apps publish it on app stores.

Note: I will earn commission from affiliate links in this post! And it is not from your earnings. It will be generated from their adspace of 20%.

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