How to remove appsgeyser ads and branding with Apk editor?

Note:- You can remove appsgeyser ads and branding in apps by getting a premium plan. The apps modified with may not work for some devices and it is not advisable to do this if you want your application to be published in Google playstore especially today, where your app needs to be compliant with their strict rules. I don’t know if it works on every apps, so choose to edit by your own and it may doesn’t work above Android 11 or so.

This post is informational and for only to try for your own and distribution after such modifications are of no use. We have no right to remove ads and branding from the apps until they agreed to that. And what I am showing here is about decoding an android app from your mobile phone.

If you wanted to publish your app on Google Play or any other appstores, simply purchase a premium plan from them and the modified app with apkeditor may cannot be distributed to the public.


Free and Simple Tool to Create, Download, Distribute and Monetize Your App! It is the best mobile app creator. Some of the major drawbacks are untolerable ads and template compatibility issues.

And very carefull to use the apps powered by appsgeyser if you are planning to publish your app in google play store. I got my app and developer account suspended by google play by uploading their apps. Policy center showing me that it’s against their terms and privacy. Their ads are from Appnext that is not approved by google play, I think it is the problem with them as the ads from appnext may not be for childs below 13.

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But any way I got my developer account back by contacting their developer support and got a second chance, But the app suspended is still in my play console and my account in danger as if any other application goes against their policy!

If you wanted to approve apps from appsgeyser, you may need to remove ads that is not supported by google play.

Remove Ads and Branding

We can take the browser template from appsgeyser which is open source and any changes in source is completely legal! So no worry about changing source code of an open source browser.

1. Download Browser from your appsgeyser dashboard and install it in your mobile phone!

2. Download Apkeditor Pro from here or from anywhere you get the patched version!

3. Open Apkeditor Pro, Then Select Apk from app and Select your application you wanted to remove ads and branding from!

4. Select Decode all files from dialogue appearing after selecting your app!

5. Then you need to go to folder named ‘res’ in the application as below!

How to remove appsgeyser ads and branding with Apk editor?

6. After opening res folder, search for folder ‘menu’ and open menu folder and select ‘main.xml’ file and Remove last line from this code as shown below!

How to remove appsgeyser ads and branding with Apk editor?

Now you have succesfully removed their branding or about page that shows the app created by appsgeyser! If your app still shows about page, remove the last lines from ‘menu-large’ and ‘menu-xlarge’ folders like above one!

7. To remove their ads from your app, Go to ‘Manifest’ section in bottom of your app and search for ‘ads’ as shown below!

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How to remove appsgeyser ads and branding with Apk editor?

8. Then Remove all lines you get from search results and click save button.

How to remove appsgeyser ads and branding with Apk editor?

9. Final step is to click BUILD button in Top Right corner of the app.

After the Completion of App Rebuilding, you will get a screen like below,

How to remove appsgeyser ads and branding with Apk editor?

10. Then Click the ‘Remove’ button to uninstall your previous app and then Click ‘Install Button to install your app’!

If you didn’t removed your already installed one after building, you may cannot install your newer one because of the signing key will change after the rebuilding of your app!

Browser App from appsgeyser template is OpenSource and there is no need to worry about getting legal copyright or any infringing issues against you. And anyway this tutorial is only for educational purpose!

Things to be noted

1. Your application cannot be published to Playstore if you rebuild the apps like this, but if you can sign the app created from apkeditor, you can upload it to play store.

Read this article: Sign Apk from your own Android mobile. And so you can publish apps from your own mobile without android studio!

Stay tuned to get know more about this and tutorials about android development in your mobile phone!


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