How to sign APK file using android smartphone

Why you need to sign apk in your mobile phone?

There is well designed coding software available for android developers from android’s own google, with the capability of signing apk. It seems signing apk is not that difficult task. Even android apps can be build easily with android studio, who need this app for smartphone?

The one who only need mobile phone to do such things don’t need android studio to sign apks. Apks can be signed from our own mobile phones. There is an app called Apk Signer in playstore to create keystore and sign apk directly from your mobile phone!

This app will help you if,

1. You just need to sign and publish apk directly in to play console from your own mobile phones.

2. You are trapped by getting a non signed apk from any online app creator.

3. You need your own app signing key than auto generated keys from online creators.

4. You just modified application with any editor tools such as apkeditor or patcher and you need your own keystore to sign the app than its test key signing.

Download the App now from playstore to sign your apks on mobile!

You may need a pro plan to create your own key store. Otherwise you need to sign apk with their default global keystore.

From now on, Let’s sign apk files with your own mobile Phone!


– Sign apk/jar/zip files on your cell phones or tablets.

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– Verify apk/jar/zip files to see if they are signed/modified.

– Manage keystores (import/export).

Pro features:

– Making your own keystore files.

– Themes.

Notes From Developer

– The app is not available in some countries. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

– Play Store *unprofessionally* limits replies to 350 characters. Sometimes I can’t say thanks after a long reply. Other times, I can’t explain enough. In such cases, I apologize. Please contact me via email if you need more information and help.

You can find out the contact details on the playstore page!

If you have no money to buy their premium plan to create your own custom key store. You can search for the pro version in google.

I am not encouraging you to download mod apk. It may contain malicious codes and sources. Be carefull and do it at your own risk. I am not responsible for anything it causes.

My suggestion is to download the app directly from playstore and purchase their premium plan. It will help you to get rid off from malwares and unauthorised codes. It is very cheap, less than $5 for its pro plan. Go for it and enjoy!

Thank you for reading this!

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