Is modded apps legal to use? Know more about Cracked apps.


Apps are which is modified version of its original package. Modded Apps are created in order to provide users with better features or features that are not available in a particular region or users.

Many of the modded apps comes as the game will be code in such a way that it unlocks all the paid features of the original game.

By simply saying, Modded apps are modified application by other entity than the actual developer to fulfill the dream of users by making game flexible without purchasing any game contents.

Legality of modding an App

Decompiling apps is been fun and it will help you to better understand the structure of how an apk or application file is designed and working.

It is fine to compile apps after certain changes made and use it only for yourself. It is completely fine that you are only changed it for education or for any other legal purpose.

In my view, Modding means decompiling apps which is not yours is fine and nobody is going to find you that you have just decompiled their apps. But real problem only persist when you share the file you modded.

If any statements given in their terms and services about modding the application, you are not allowed it to mod, if you ever did, you may be punished by what they mentioned in their own terms and conditions page.

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To mod or crack an apk, It is fine for just educational purpose and you can learn many more about the structure of application package and features of compiled programming language such as smali.

Legality Of Using Modded apps

This is also the case like you compile as It is completely legal to download and use Mod APK files because the Legal guidelines only apply when you share the file as a distributor, not as customers.

If the Mod app is of a completely free and open-source APP, then it may not be illegal as I have also shared a post about remove appsgeyser ads from their browser app which is free and open source!

Then what is not legal?

Illegal is when you became distributor or you share the modded apps with others, especially through online mediums such as blogs, social media, etc..

Is It Safe To Use Modded apps?

No! It is not safe to use any applications in your smartphone that is not directly from the main developer of that app. In case of android, you shouldn’t have downloaded apps from other than play store.

No applications files are safe that is from strangers. We all are advised not to take things from strangers, and it applies in this case too.

Modified mobile apps or mod APKs are not developed by the original creator. Rather, it is made by someone else; that someone can be just a random individual or a group of coders.

If we see from a hacker’s perspective, then a mod APK can be a great option to steal data from someone’s mobile devices. The hacker can create a replica of a very popular application and make the features available to people who can’t afford to pay in the original application.

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Modified apps are most of the time malicious in nature. These apps not only aggressively push ads, but also steal information unique to the mobile device such as serial number, OS version, and International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) number.

By Using these types of apps, you are easily making the hackers easily do all their stuffs.

You are in grave danger, If you installed modded apps while you are using banking apps such as google pay or something like that.

Nothing is our concern, but the safety. Whatever the legality of using these apps, just leave about such things and just make sure your mobile is safe and not open for any other individuals.

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