Youtube SEO: 10 Tricks to Rank Videos in Youtube Search!

Youtube SEO

It is very important to rank videos in youtube search results for maximizing the traffic and revenue. Youtube SEO Is quite different from the usual optimization techniques we use in other search engines.

Youtube search is working very different than google search despite the fact that both service is provided by the same concern.

Blog and vlog is different journals and it will effect the user experience if they use same mechanism to rank videos. So no SEO Techniques would work in youtube ranking algorithm.

Google Is the largest search engine in the world with handling over 90% of search queries worldwide.

Google Itself Indexing Youtube Videos also in search results that makes google search a biggest beast in the market. But when we looking at the overall traffic and searches, youtube itself has huge amount of searches.

Google makes up around 68%. Another 20% go to Google Images followed by YouTube with another 3% approximately.

Effectively this means that Google Image Search is the 2nd largest search engine. And YouTube is 3rd in reality.

But When we look at the traffic of google and youtube from alexa’s ranking system, you will know that youtube search is second largest platform.

Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO don’t mind what you are written in the describtion as much as in websites. But It might have an impact such as tags and headings of youtube videos!

Here is the steps you must follow to score higher in Youtube SEO!

Keyword Research

It is the first step as same for webmasters. To find out the best keyword ideas for videos is not difficult as the current youtube search suggestion is more than enough for this.

Youtube Search suggestions

This list of keyword suggestion is the best keywords you could ever get, because these are terms that people actually type into YouTube. So there’s no need to worry about popularity of that certain keywords.

Apart from youtube search suggestion, you can also opt for any other keyword tool for youtube seo such as KeywordTool.

Next step is to choose the keyword according to the suggestions.

Choosing the Less Competative keywords for your video title as it might get ranked suddenly. But I do not recommend for a less competative keywords for all videos. If you decide to rank your video for any keyword, It is possible!

Google search itself shows video results in search for specific type of keywords and they only show videos to many keywords.

Here are the list of keywords they usually show videos as results on priority

1. How-to keywords (“how to make cold brew coffee”)
2. Reviews (“mobile phones review”)
3. Tutorials (“Setting up WordPress”)
4. Anything fitness or sports related (“Workout for abs”)
5. Funny videos (“Cute animals”)

If your youtube channel is upto any subjects related to these type of contents, then you have a bright chance of getting pinned by your video on google search itself!

No need to explain much more about keywords as is as simple As you probably know, keyword optimization is a KEY part of YouTube SEO. Videos can be ranked very well if optimised the keywords.

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Audience Retention

Second Step in Youtube SEO Is Audience Retention and it is the important and 90% Ranking factor for a video uploaded in youtube.

Your videos need to be keep watched by your audience for this. The amount of your video that people watch is known as Audience Retention.

Youtube Itself saying that “Audience Retention” is a HUGE ranking factor. If video uploaded in youtube keeps people on YouTube, YouTube will rank your video higher in the search results.

The main goal of youtube is to get maximum number of ad clicks and views. If you achieve this by optimising your content to get more engaging audience, your video will be promoted by youtube itself.

This goal is yours and it cannot be improved because of any Youtube SEO Strategies. Making good quality contents to engage your users within your youtube channel to make complete profit out of it.

If you fail to do this, your videos cannot be promoted by youtube and your videos are not going to get ranked in youtube.

To do this you need to change your youtube channel to another level of entertainment.

Think as a viewer, what you would expect from a youtube video from your search results? What makes you to sit infront of the videos you watch?

If you succeed in this, 90% of your work has been done and no need to worry about the traffic you got. Just sit somewhere and wait! The profit will come anyway if you work hard!

Audience Interaction is the prime part of Audience Retention and youtube seo. So you must learn some techniques for users to engage in your contents.

Video Comments

In my perspective or my study of youtube seo, Videos with highest number of comments get ranked quickly than the lowest number of comments.

Comments are correlated with the ranking of videos and it is the integral part of your youtube community.

Never ever make it close, because it is the freedom of viewers to express even if it is a bad expression that you cannot digest.

Apart from that, you must find many ways to let users comment on your videos, by saying at conclusive part of your video or in any ways.

If youtube knows that anyone who watches your video commented, youtube understanding that your video is being enjoyed by many.

So make sure to encourage your viewers to comment on your video… and reply to comments that you get to claim complete youtube seo optimisation.


Ask your viewers to subscribe your channel after each video. If you get a subscriber after watching a video, you are succeed in making quality content.

According to me, If one organic viewer liked your video apart from your friends and paid viewers, You just won the game of youtube.

When it comes to youtube seo, I don’t think subscribers is not important, because SEO works to get organic views that comes from search results and not from subscribers from their suggestions.

But Increasing subscribers is a part of audience retention and it makes youtube believe in you that you have followers to watch your contents.

Making Followers in youtube is really not difficult if you work hard to form unique and quality video contents that will help your viewers to get something from your videos.

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Video Shares

You will share your videos definitely. But that is not enough for scoring a biggy in Youtube SEO.

Your viewers must share your videos. For that, you must ready made your viewers mind to share your videos after they see your content usefull for others.

Likes and dislikes

Youtube will understand that your video is something usefull if you get reactions from audience, such as likes and dislikes.

If you get much more likes and dislikes, youtube will promote your video on the top of videos which has less reactions and engagements than your videos.

Use Playlists

Use playlist for videos with specific subjects as categories. Divide your videos with categories and make it easily findable for your audience.

When you create playlist, not only you get youtube SEO Benefits, But also the look of profesional youtube business model.

And It is also usefull for you and your audience to reach out to specific type of videos they are looking out in your channel.

Video Optimization

Optimize your video which is suitable for youtube and make it clear. Clearer and open videos tend to rank better and which is always beneficial in youtube seo optimisation.

If you create quality contents, but not optimised your videos such as making title as date such as “January 14” your video is not going to rank or get any count of views.

So make it clear what your video is about and let youtube collects maximum information from such things you mention in your video, channel, title, describtion and tags.

Mention Keyword

SAY Your Target Keyword in your video.

You’ve probably noticed that YouTube now automatically transcribes your videos

Title Describtion and Tags

The title of your video should be at least 5 words long. That way, you can include your full keyword without keyword-stuffing.

Your video’s description is super important for Youtube SEO.

Your video description helps YouTube and Google understand the context of your video. And the better they understand your video, the higher you’ll rank (and the more often you’ll show up in the Suggested Video sidebar).

Here are the basic guidelines for the description:

Include your keyword in the first 25 words and Make the description at least 250 words. Include your keyword 2-4 times to better optimize your content for youtube seo.

Tags are also important, but not very much as of todays youtube seo. But It might or have a chance for youtube taking it as their algorithm method to rank videos.

Best practise is that just include a few keywords to help YouTube and Google learn what your video is about.


You don’t need a explanation for this. We all do this at the beginning of youtube channel for getting views as it is the most important thing to get success in youtube seo.

Share your videos in every Social media platform after you create a business account or page related with your channel.

Share Your videos in every social media you know of, such as

Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, Pinterest, linkedin, etc..

Rank Your Channel itself

Optimize Your Channel Page to rank your youtube channel.

An optimised channel can help your videos rank better in two ways:

First, your channel itself can rank in YouTube. And then great channel page make more subscribers. And getting more subscribers can indirectly improve your rankings and can improve to optimize Youtube SEO.

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The Additional

The additional improvements must be made after your channel making good use of audience. No need to worry about this additional practises that is also beneficial for youtube SEO Directly or in directly.

After you started making a good income from youtube and you think that you can sustain this youtube business model as longterm solution, you need to integrate these additional improvements.

Increase the production cost

Increasing production cost of your video contents, which means make your videos upto 100% perfect without the lack of any technologies and techniques.

Such as Good Camera which supports amazing vlogging experience which will affect the impact of audience experience and retention.

Increasing production cost doesn’t only mean the amount of money you spend, but also the amount of time you spend on creating contents for your audience.

Increase Watch time

Increasing all time watch time help youtube to pin your videos on first priority.

To Increase watch time you try many of the techniques such as live events and giveaway announcements.

How many times your videos have been watched and watch hours of your videos is correlated with the youtube videos pinning algorithm!

Clickbait and suspense

By creating a clickbait thumbnail, you can easily gain many instant viewers for your videos. Clickbait is not much important for youtube seo as it doesn’t contribute to any of your long term beneficial plans.

Using clickbait are not prohibited by youtube. According to YouTube’s site, there is no reason why you can’t create clickbait for your videos. While the platform does not support them, it will not penalize your account if you add such thumbnails to your videos. Still, most users find them annoying.

If your users found that you are just fooling them by picking up wrong thumbnail just for your gains, they might abandon your channel for ever.

You need to make decent thumbnail even if it is a clickbait. Otherwise, People simply don’t wish to share, comment or link to stories and news that are based on clickbait and it will have an impact on youtube SEO as These are the most important things for audience retention.

Use suspense thrilling thumbnails instead clickbaits. You need to make your viewers to wait for your videos to be uploaded.


According to me, For youtube seo, You need no better techniques to implement in your channel If you taken care of the quality of content. It may take time but your hardwork will pay off for sure.

Youtube SEO works if your video is optimised for long term solution. It means if you use sudden improvement techniques, that will not long lasted.

Make quality contents about many things you know and passionate about. Make contents for your viewers, not for earnings.

If you create some content, that is usefull to your audience or if they get something what they are looking for, then you are a good content creator.

If you implement these seo techniques for your youtube channel, you will have many benefits such as organic audience who might became your permanent subscribers and will make you rich!

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