How to protect youtube channel from hackers with 2FA

How To protect youtube channel?

Searching for How to protect google account is rather better than asking how to protect youtube. And this article is all about protecting google account!

To implement all security measures in google account, It is hassle free as it is easily doable in the google account dashboard.

Google is already protecting your google account from their side but that doesn’t protect you from clever hackers who always tries until your account is being hacked.

After being hacked by somehow, It is strenuous to get back your account as before as normal.

So, do these precautions before such things happen to protect youtube channel by securing google account.

Do the Precautions

As I already mentioned, securing google account is simple and can be easily add security settings using the google account’s settings page.

Do some precautions before getting into the signin security options.

1. Go to this page:

(You need to make sure that your browser is before logged in with the google account you want to protect)

Critical Security Issues

You might see like above image in your google account dashboard if your account is in greater risk.

Even if you don’t see this, that doesn’t mean your account is 100% secured.

2. Whatever there, fix that issues before doing any security measures in your google account.

3. After that error goes by fixing the issue on your own, goto second tab called ‘Data & Personalization’ and review your privacy suggestions and act accordingly.

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4. Next tab is Security tab where you have to do much more to protect youtube channel.

If you see any critical security breaches reminder on the page, take action against those.

(There might be a chance of changing compromised password reminder if you have saved passwords of sites to google chrome with this google account)

And review the security activities and if you found any activities happened without your permission or awareness, immediately change your password to a stronger one.

Security

5. There is the next security column after recent activities: Signing in to google as shown below.

Protect youtube channel

Here is the major security options you have to apply inorder to protect youtube channel and your google account.

2 Factor Verification

As default in the image screenshot above, 2FV Is enabled in that account which means that google account is secured with additional layer of protection.

If your account doesn’t have this option enabled, make sure it is ‘on’ to protect youtube channel and google account of yours from hackers.

6. To enable 2FV, Select 2 Step Verification from that signin security options.

There you can see many options such as,

1. Voice/Text Message Verification
2. Google Prompts
3. Authenticator App
4. Security Key

You can choose and setup every security options together or can setup the basic security settings.

My suggestion is to setup every security options, that helps you to try as alternate login if you forget any of your signin method.

Voice/Text Verification

It is the best and most secured option to protect youtube channel where verification codes are sent by text message or by a voice call.

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There is nothing to be explained here about this. You are more familiar with this setting if you use whatsapp as they ask for OTP for your mobile number to be registered on Whatsapp.

This is exactly the same method. Just setup your mobile number as 2 factor and you will get an OTP when you try to signin the google account.

This is one of the best choices for you to protect youtube channel and google accounts.

Backup codes

These printable one-time passcodes allow you to sign in when away from your phone, like when you’re traveling.

Authenticator app

Use the Authenticator app to get free verification codes, even when your phone is offline. Available for Android and iPhone.

This method is also one of the strongest sign in methods where hackers get tired of getting this code as it changes evert 30 seconds.

Security Key

A security key is a verification method that allows you to securely sign in. These can be built in to your phone, use Bluetooth, or plug directly into your computer’s USB port.

2FA Method is most secured in my perspective as it is one of the toughest task for hackers to get in touch with.

Setup every signin methods that adds an additional layer of security for your google account to protect youtube channel from hackers.

Recovery Phone and Email

These are the ways that google can verify if it is you when you forget the password and you tries to reset your old passwords.

Phone number and email both for premium protection as sometimes your email servers may not get OTP or may be Opposite.

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If you set up these minimum security settings that is easily doable in google account dashboard as simple as that, you are in complete control of your google account and can protect youtube channel from any type of hackers.

Thats It for now! I don’t mean to lag yourself into the other unwanted texts from me to waste your time. Thanks!

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