Smart Browser – Fast and Clean Free Web Browser For Android

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Smart Browser

Super Fast web browser for android with clean and premium interface!

Feature-Rich Browser Has lot of features including dark mode and themes.

Incognito Tab : Make your history private. By turning this mode on, Your history will not be saved and it will reset itself after your browsing on th tab

Reading Mod : Read Articles without the scripts loading, CSS, ads or any hassles. Reading mode makes you comfort to read articles and others.

Block Ads : Block Ad and trackers while browsing the data. It is irritating that ads popup when you are browsing your favourite web contents. Smart browser will do the trick for you to browse smoothly!

Browser has all required contents for a web browser. Download the feature-rich browser by clicking below download button!

If you don’t have playstore services, you can search google to download the browser apk directly into your mobile phone from any other partner sites.


1. Does the Ad Blocker really works?

°Yes, but the feature is in beta test and may not work in some devices. Sorry for any inconvenience caused from our side

2. How to change current home page to any other website?

°Go to Browser settings, Then Select general settings, and bottom of the page, you can see home page option. There you can change to any websites you want to set as a home page. Or choose your bookmarks page as a home page!

Contact us for any type of queries you have about anything. We are always eager to help you in any ways we can!

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