The Kingdom of sasquatches – Chapter 1

The forest loomed dark and drear
As Gallen spoke with trembling fear

“Can we cross this land of dread
Or shall we rest our weary head?”

Bellog gazed into his eyes
And saw the pain he could not hide,
He nodded softly and agreed
To stay the night and tend their steed.

“No humans here, we’re half secure”

Gallen said, and hoped his words were sure

He felt for Gallen, who had borne the tortures of men.

Gallen dropped the bag from his horse’s back and laid it on the ground with a thud.

He tied the horses to a sturdy tree and slumped beneath its shade, asleep in a flash.

But Bellog stayed awake, his eyes alert.

He rummaged through his bags
And found a fruit
He bit into its flesh
and savored its sweet juice

He felt a cold breeze caress his face and smiled.

He leaned his head against the tree
And looked at the blue moon and sky so calm and bright.

He heard the chirps of birds and rustle of leaves.

He saw the forest cloak itself in night
He glanced at his companion, who slept so sound and felt a surge of love for him.

His friend,
Who faced the wrath of men
Yet still was kind.
He smiled and closed his eyes
And dreamed of peace…

Bellog saw his friend shiver in the cold

He gathered wooden pieces from the ground

And lit a fire to warm their weary bones

He donned a jacket and sat watchful by the flames..

He tried to stay awake, but felt his eyelids droop.

He heard a trumpet sound, and then another one.

He jolted up and nudged his friend awake,
Gallen opened his eyes and heard the noise.

“It seems you can’t sleep anymore, we have to leave this place, and quickly too”

He said, and grinned at Gallen’s sleepy face

“Do these beasts not rest at all?” Gallen mumbled

“Get up, now, we have to go before they reach us here”

Bellog urged, as the sound grew louder still.

They hid behind a giant tree
And held their breath
As mammoths passed them by
With loud and long.

Their legs were like the trunks of ancient trees,

Their horns were like the spears of mighty kings.

“Keep silent, until they’re gone”

Bellog whispered softly to his mate.

Gallen looked at him with fearful eyes
And clenched his teeth and shivered in the cold.

He sighed with relief when they had left
And hoped to see the dawn of light soon,
But Bellog looked up at the sky and said

“We have to move on, we can’t stay here”

Gallen was not listening, he was lost in thought..

“They saw something in distance, blurry and ran towards it and they saw the sight. Two giant horses on the ground – dead, their heads cut off, their guts spilled out, The severed head of one still stared at them. Bellog said, “Be careful, we’re not safe” He drew his sword from his sheath and held it tight Gallen’s eyes widened with terror and despair.

They heard the sound of footsteps Coming closer in the silent wood. They wondered what kind of beast would kill for sport and not for food. They saw them then, the goblin horde Riding on their giant boars They were ugly, mean, and vile with red eyes and thorny claws “Get ready to eat human flesh” The leader of the pack exclaimed “You little lives, what are you doing here In Darkwood?” – “The forest is not yours to ask us why” Bellog answered with defiance “We came not here to make a fight But if you force us, we’ll resist”

The leader laughed and reached for him with his spiny hand outstretched. But Bellog was quick and slashed his sword And cut the legs of his mount. The leader fell and hit the ground But Bellog did not spare him long, He threw his sword and pierced his head And silenced his mocking tongue. The goblins saw their leader dead, but did not flee or hesitate. They charged at them with rage and hate, their numbers were too great. Bellog felt the end was near, He had no hope of escape, He looked at Gallen, his dear friend And prayed for a miracle..

“Help us…” Gallen cried out loud, He hoped that someone would hear.. He saw a goblin with a thorny hand Coming closer with a sneer. Bellog saw something move in the woods, He wondered what it could be, He hoped that it was not another foe But a friend or an ally. Suddenly, a strange creature leaped In front of the goblin horde..

It was tall and hairy, with bright eyes And big feet, like a lord. It fought the goblins with its bare hands It threw them left and right, It scared the pigs, who ran away And left the goblins in their plight. Gallen and Bellog watched in awe As the creature saved their lives. They wondered who or what it was And why it had arrived..

“What are these creatures?” Gallen asked As he watched the goblins fight. “Goblins, creatures from the mountain of darkwood” Bellog answered, keeping his face calm. “The hairy one?” Gallen asked again, He was trembling with fear and in awe. Bellog looked at him and tried to soothe.. but he did not answer his query. The goblins realized they were losing.. They saw their leader dead and gone. One of them shouted “Run!” and one by one followed. But one of them glared at Bellog with hate before it flee. Bellog and Gallen felt a surge of joy, they smiled and thanked their luck. But then they saw the creature turn And face them with its eyes.. Bellog prepared to face the beast.. He held his sword and stood his ground, But Gallen felt his courage fade, He saw Bellog’s legs move back The creature walked towards them slowly..

It showed its sharp and deadly claws and stopped and looked at them both in turn And then it changed its mood, became less fierce.. It pushed them to their horses gently It helped them mount and let them go, It did not harm or chase them.. “What is happening?” Gallen whispered, He was confused and puzzled “I don’t know, just get on the horses and go And don’t feel safe until we’re far from here” They rode away as fast as they could and looked back at the creature once. They wondered what it was and why It spared their lives and helped them.. They had many questions in their minds, but no answers clear and felt a mix of fear and awe, But they were glad to be alive..

Kingdom of Dalf

King Edgar gazed at the forest from the window of the palace. He admired the scenic beauty of nature, the green trees, the colorful birds, and his city in the midst of that jungle. He could hear the hustle and bustle of that city and his people. He felt a sense of pride and peace as the ruler of the land.

His tranquility was interrupted by Robert, who rushed into the room. He was the king’s loyal advisor and friend. He looked anxious and worried. He bowed to the king and said, “Your grace, Jeffry has brought urgent news from the east watch.”

The king turned to face him. He was a middle-aged man, past forty, but still strong and handsome. He had governed this kingdom for many years, with wisdom and courage. He had faced many threats and enemies, but he had always overcome them. He was calm and experienced. He sensed that something was wrong. He asked, “What news?”

Robert paused, his heart pounding. He looked at Edgar, the king’s trusted servant and friend. He knew Edgar was loyal and silent, but he also knew the news was grave and shocking. He decided to let Jeffry speak for himself. He said, “Your grace, hear Jeffry out. He awaits outside.”

The king nodded. He said, “Bring Jeffry in.” Robert bowed again and went to fetch Jeffry.

Jeffry stepped into the room. He was a young man, of the same age as Bellog, the king’s son. He was a courier and a spy, who had been sent to the east watch to guard the border. He looked ashen and terrified. He knelt before the king and said, “Your grace, I bear dreadful news. He is gone, my king. He is gone.”

The king felt a wave of fury and disbelief. He asked, “He.. who? Who is gone? Your father Jerry Foggs gone?”

Jeffry shook his head. He said, “No, your grace. Your son Steve. He was slain in the darkwood.”

The king could not comprehend what he heard. He adored his son more than anything in the world. He had sent him to the east watch to mold him as a warrior and a leader. He had hoped that one day, he would inherit him as the king. He had also heard whispers that his son had a rare gift, a power that no one else had. He had never witnessed it himself, but he had always believed that his son was meant for greatness. He denied that his son was dead. He said, “No, that’s absurd. My son can’t be killed. You are lying..”

“One of our scouts saw it happen when those vile goblins attacked them!” “Enough… I have heard you already, and will you please be quiet and let me see – that scout” “He is outside with the remains of your son” “Bring him in.” A fearful soldier walked to the king as he glanced around. “My lord, I witnessed dreadful things that you would not believe. Those goblins with spikes in their hands, assaulted your son in the dark woods. And I saw one of your captives with your son.” “Did you see him die?” “No” A flicker of hope in the king’s face. “Then how can you be sure that he is dead, you…” The king asked with rage..

“Hand me that bag” The king commanded. The blood-soaked bag was handed to the king. “Robert, search the bag.” Some fruits and food were first taken out of the bag. “My lord, why would they carry these fruits and other provisions? Did they plan for a long journey?” Robert asked with a hint of puzzlement. “See if there is anything else” The king replied curtly. “Yes, a map” He found a map and saw something marked on it. The king snatched the map and looked.

“Kingdom of Agnostus” The king’s eyes widened with fear. “If they are heading to that dead land, it is too perilous and we are late” “We must track and find them before they cross the bay of darkwood” The king shouted to prepare for a quest to rescue them. Before they departed, the king said one more thing, very gravely “Let this matter be a secret.”

Queen Jamie entered the room, all others had left. “What is it?” The queen asked with curiosity in her face. “Our son is in danger. I need to find him. How can I be a good king if I can’t protect my own son?” The king said with a pale tone. “My king, I have never seen you so weary before, is he in grave danger?” The queen said with concern. The queen was past thirty, but more beautiful than ever. But only a heart of peace and a mind as common as any woman’s that aching for her son. The king gazed at her eyes with a faint emotion and said nothing.

King called his men and asked him to ready his weapons and soldiers. “Your grace, the palace is swarmed by people” Robert came to the dressing room of the king when the handmaiden was helping the king to get dressed.

The king glowered at Robert as a sign of
who was responsible. “I don’t know, my king. They are chanting and cursing your son as a traitor” Robert answered in a haste. The king, enraged, took his sharp sword and strode towards the palace front door. When the king came near the door, he could hear some slogans of the common people like “Traitor” “He should be executed” He let out a heavy sigh and gave the signal to the soldiers to open the big front door of the Palace of Dalf. The door made of wrought iron, opened and the light flooded into the main hall!

All of the nobles inside the palace had – reached the front and watched the king walking down the long stairway and confronting the locals with his drawn sword.

“My people, I am your king. I owe you for
putting your faith in me all this time. But
now you are against your king.. for no reason” The king said to his people who surrounded him.

They were willing to listen to what their king had said, but as soon as he stopped, they muttered again and opposed the king. But the king has continued “During my reign, I have never executed a single innocent person. The wealth of the kingdom was dear to me, so I have killed many of you who committed treason, including our own blood so that we can survive” The king said so, and then took – one breath as he looked at his people one by one who surrounded him.

“If he is guilty, he will be punished.. there is no other way. If my son is guilty, he will also be punished.. but it is my decision to judge anyone in this kingdom because I am the king…..” He yelled at his people as he was roaring like a lion.

His voice echoed in the air, but his words obviously did not reach their hearts. They chose to be silent, but not because they agreed with him. They were afraid of his wrath, his power, his sword. They knew he was a ruthless king when it comes to rampaging his enemies and rivals. They knew he had a loyal army, who would obey his every command.

“So you all need to leave now and I promise you that I will do what is best for our lives.” The king raised his voice though, but they became a little quieter. Some even supported him. The people turned around as if they understood what he said and some praised the king! But when he turned around and started to enter the palace, he said something to Robert who was standing there.

“Robert, I don’t trust them. They are fickle and foolish. They will turn on me again, as soon as they hear another rumor. We need to find my son, before they do and I will not let anyone harm him…” He looked at Robert with a stern and suspicious gaze. He knew Robert was his friend, but he also knew Robert had doubts about his son. He knew Robert had tried to dissuade him from sending his son to the east watch, and he resented it….

Irfan Habeeb
Irfan Habeeb


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