Wings left behind

He was eighteen, standing at the edge of a new phase
A smart student, with a charming face
His hair was curly, and he had a quiet way
He liked being alone, in his own space

He loved his family, tried his best
To meet their hopes, and pass each test
He was ready to give up, and do his part
To ease their worries, and mend their heart

But one day, his father gave him a ticket
To a faraway place, where he had to work and sweat it
Their home was in trouble, his father said
He was their only hope, the last chance ahead

He couldn’t speak up, he couldn’t cry
He couldn’t ask why, or even try
He just nodded, and packed his things
Left his books, his notes, his dreams and wings

He forgot his dreams, he forgot his aims
He forgot his joys, and his favorite games
He forgot to live, forgot who he used to be
He lost himself, and forgot to see

He got on a plane, flew far away
Arrived in a new land, found his own way
He worked hard, earned his pay
Sent money home, wrote letters each day

He made new friends, learned many things
Explored new places, tried what life brings
Adapted well, grew strong through it all

But he couldn’t remember his dreams, or his joys
Couldn’t find his passions, or his voice
He wasn’t himself, yet very much so
Selfless, restless, losing himself as he’d go

Irfan Habeeb
Irfan Habeeb


  1. In this current generation No one gives up their Passion & dreams for family but you have given up your dreams&passion… The story telling your inner pain Keep it up Man❣️Really Good

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