I am the sun of my sky…

I am the sun of my own sky
I shine with love for myself
I heal my wounds with my warmth
I ignore the clouds of doubt
They say I am too bright
They say I blind their sight
But no, I am not selfish
I am generous with my light
I start with loving myself
I embrace my beauty, my strength, my grace
I see myself in the mirror
I smile at my own face
I feel the confidence rising
I have never felt before
Because loving myself is not a choice
It is the key to every door
They say I love myself too much
They say I will lose touch
But no, I am not narcissistic
I am compassionate and kind
I can love others more
When I accept that I am good
So I make a change
I change my mind
I think about myself
I start to understand myself

Irfan Habeeb
Irfan Habeeb

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