How to know which font is used by a website?

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  1. Open Chrome If you are on computer. If you are an android user, follow the steps.
  2. Goto playstore and install kiwi Browser
  3. After installing, Open Kiwi browser and Go to chrome webstore through this browser!
  4. Open Chrome Web store
  5. Install An extension called ‘Whatfont’ from web store!

Then go to extensions in Browser options, to check the extension is installed correctly!

6 – Then goto any websites that you want to know the font, and enable the extension ‘whatfont’!

For enabling extension, Goto browser options by clicking the three dot icon in top right corner of your browser!
Extensions will shown at the last of options list! Bly clicking the whatfont option, it will be enabled! It will show ‘exif font’ after you successfully activated the extension!

5 – Then click at any text in a website that you want to find font! Then you can show a dialogue with which font is used!

Video Tutorial


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