How to know which CMS is used by a website?

How To Find CMS Of A website

It is very easy to find which CMS – content management is using a website nowadays! Many specialists can find out by looking the layouts and themes of the website. But there are many websites which will make us confused.

I have seen a website, it’s url ending with ‘?m=1’! At first, i thought it is blogger website. But the URL permalinks are customized. Then i checked it by entering ‘/wp-admin’ as its subfolder. But it shows 404 error!

Themes and looks are customized, and it uses the custom theme made for themeselves. So we cannot predict the CMS. Atlast I found its Powered by wordpress, in the footer section of web page it is itself showing that website is powered by WordPress!

But that is not the point here. If there is no footer section with which CMS is powered by, How can we find its CMS?

Steps To Find Which CMS

1. Open website called ‘

2. Enter the URL you want to find its CMS

3. And know more about the hosting languages such as python, php, and its database software!

which cms

Have More Doubt about anonymous websites?

You can also find out the web hosting provider and which theme a website uses! By doing the same simple method.

You can show the links to search for these also in the same website!

What CMS

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