UnTold Techniques To Improve Page Speed Of a Website

Are you tired working on your website by not getting improvements in page speed performance?

Many of my friends also send messages as they are complaining about my previous post about page speed improvement techniques.

Improve Page Speed

Are you disappointed by the page speed of your website? Even after Implementing all techniques in the previous post? Then this article is for you!

You can findout what is happening to your web site and what stopping your website to load faster from many online analyser tools.

Use Gtmetric or Google page speed Insights for suggestions to what to do next and To Improve Page speed of your website.

Why My page speed score Isn’t Improving

I can answer this question! But have a patience to read this article completely! Your page speed is entirely depend upon how you are configured your website!

Right Web Hosting

First thing is, you have to find the best hosting provider!

I have experience with many hosting providers. If you are not hosting your website with a reputed web hosting company, then you will experience lower page speed. Some times worse than ever!

My website was only able to completely load in 5 seconds, when I was hosting with another hosting provider. Now my website can be loaded In one second in desktop and 2 to 3 seconds in mobiles.

The difference between a quality hosting partner and a worst is really big as 3 to 4 seconds extra loading time!

So only go for the best option available, when you choose the hosting for your website. It is the first page speed improvement technique and It is important!

If your website Is hosted on a server that Is very slow, Your hardwork to improve page speed is not going to work at all!

So, Read this article to Know How to findout the best Web hosting for your website!

Image Optimization

Not optimizing your images before and after the upload is a big fault you have made. Some only optimize images after upload or some before upload.

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Actually, You can compress your images before the upload at its best with compressor tools. You can compress your images in photoshop like softwares or online with Compressjpeg.com like Online tools.

And after that you need to optimize the images in front end of your website. For this there are several plugins available like Smush Image compression tool and others.

Image CDN

You can make a Huge Improvement in page speed of your website by using a Image CDN Network. CDN makes your website Faster in all regions.

There are Several Image CDN and Tools that Is costly or partially free. You can use them or otherwise there Is a beast of plugins available!

Jetpack Image CDN called photon will helps to Serve your Images from their CDN network and it helps to boost your site’s performance. It is 100% Free and unlimited!

Use Atleast Jetpack Photon Will help you serve better In case of Images.

Lazy Load Images

Lazy loading means, Your Images Will only load If It Is really needed for the visitor. What Is the use If your website visitor Is not seeing An image, but It still Loads?

Images will only loads, when user scrolling your web pages. You can enable It with Jetpack wordpress plugin or with any other plugin. If you are using jetpack for any other feature, please don’t Install any other plugins for this performance boost!

To Improve page speed of your website, Lazy Loading contents in your website is the right thing to do.

Use Webp Images

By enabling the Jetpack CDN, You can also serve your images in webp format to compatible browsers.

Only few browsers support Webp format. But jetpack helps you serve webp only to the compatible browsers.

Using SVG for Icons and Logos, Is also better rather than using png files for logos and icons. You can convert your png files to SVG using many online converters available.

Cloudflare Settings

Cloudflare helps you in many ways. You need to utilize the every service powered by cloudflare inorder to improve page speed extra.

Improve Page Speed with cloudflare
After Cloudflare

Settings That must be Enabled on your Cloudflare Dashboard

There are many settings and options available in Cloudflare such as firewall, SSL, DNS and other options. But To Improve Page speed, there are few more options available and that is where we need to eye on!

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There, you can see the improvement of your page speed after cloudflare. By clicking optimization tab in there, you can see Image polish and other pro features. If you are a paid cloudflare user, It will help you to rank higher in case of page speed.

There Is Auto Minify, This will help you minify your css, javascript, html to Improve page speed of your website. Click All from HTML, Javascript, CSS!

We have already wrote about brotli compression in the previos post about its benefits. You can enable this from cloudflare Speed Tab.

Brotli is a compression algorithm. It is developed by Google and serves best for text compression. The reason being, it uses a dictionary of common keywords and phrases on both client and server side and thus gives a better compression ratio. It is supported by all major browsers.

Enable Rocket Loader, It will help you prioritises your website’s content (text, images, fonts etc) by deferring the loading of all of your JavaScript until after rendering. On pages with JavaScript, this results in a much faster loading experience for your users and improves the following performance metrics:

1. Time to First Paint (TTFP)
2. Time to First Contentful Paint (TTFCP)
3. Time to First Meaningful Paint (TTFMP)
4. Document Load

You can enable this by going to Cloudflare Dashboard -> Speed -> Optimization.

Goto Caching Tab In cloudflare to setting Up Cache options in your website.

Then Goto Configurations Under Caching, then select cache level ‘Standard’ and cache TTL 8 hours. And also ‘always online’ option!

Setup cloudflare plugin if you are using wordpress website. It will help you to purge cache automatically while you updating or posting a new article on your website.

Goto Network Tab In cloudflare to optimize network settings!

Enable HTTP/3 (With QUIC) It helps you to Accelerates HTTP requests by using QUIC, which provides encryption and performance improvements compared to TCP and TLS. This will also help you to Improve page speed.

Enable 0-RTT Connection Resumption It Improves performance for clients who have previously connected to your website.

Enable Web Sockets, It Allow WebSockets connections to your origin server. WebSockets are open connections sustained between the client and the origin server. Inside a WebSockets connection, the client and the origin can pass data back and forth without having to reestablish sessions. This makes exchanging data within a WebSockets connection fast. WebSockets are often used for real-time applications such as live chat and gaming.

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Atlast, Setup Page Rules for your web site. It can be done From your cloudflare dashboard By going to Page Rules Tab.

Assign a page rule as shown below to best Optimize and Improve Page speed

Page Rules to Improve Page Speed
Do not forget to change your domain name in place of irfanhabeeb.com!

Lazy Load Advertisements

You already know what Is Lazy loading as It Is mentioned above. What about lazy loading your advertisements? If you are more carefull on your page speed and Trying to improve the page speed of your website, lazy loading advertisement really worth a try!

I have one of my website’s page speed goes below 50 after implementing Adsense! And Adsense is the only way to make money from that blog. I cannot remove the ads and I really wanted to improve page speed of my website. Then there is the trick I did to Lazy load Ads.

With every ad unit, comes an add code. It all includes the js code below:

<script async src="//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js"></script>

Remove the code above from all ad units.

then add the code below to your site’s footer:

<!--noptimize--> <script type="text/javascript"> function downloadJSAtOnload() { var element = document.createElement("script"); element.src = "https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js"; document.body.appendChild(element); } if (window.addEventListener) window.addEventListener("load", downloadJSAtOnload, false); else if (window.attachEvent) window.attachEvent("onload", downloadJSAtOnload); else window.onload = downloadJSAtOnload; </script> <!--/noptimize-->

This code will do the trick for you!


This article Is for webmasters who is always fails to achieve best page speed score to rank higher in search engines. Also read my previous post to know more about page speed and Its Importants. You know that to improve page speed without technical optimizations is not possible and without decent page speed, your users are going to leave your site for ever.

Without a reliable web hosting partner, you are not going to speed up your website. If you are failing to speed up your websites all the time. It is time to change your web hosting. So Choose the best web hosting with best optimizations techniques!

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