Why blogger platform is best for beginners and 4 reasons to choose it


Blogger is one of the oldest blogging platforms. Its maintained and owned by one of the finest companies in the world, Google.

On the beginning of this blogger service, its not more than a microblogging social media, But now its more than a blogging platform. And day by day its became most popular CMS(content management system).

It is used by more than just bloggers, such as for magazines, shopping sites, portfolios, magazines and news. Its much popular as more than 9% of websites are powered by blogger platform.

Why Blogger?

Here are four reasons to choose blogger as your blogging platform:
1. Free
2. Easy to work
3. Security
4. Stability

1. Free

Its Free forever to use the service. Many will say that just choose wordpress for any blogging ideas. I just against this. For those who are beginners, its a great choice to blogging without any cost at beginning with a free blogspot domain and after a custom domain that only cost you less than $10 per year.

We don’t need to care about hosting fees unlike other self hosted blogging platforms. If you are a beginner or you don’t want to waste money at beginning or for hosting, you can simply start your own blog without any costs at blogger. If your visitors grow, you don’t need to upgrade plans or servers. It is capable of handling millions of visitors and pageviews without cost.

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2. Easy To Work

Blogger is very easy to customize, post and SEO. You can simply add many posts as you can, its not limited. Only fewer limitations are here, that is acceptable for many bloggers. Many limitations in blogger is for the good standing of your own blogs.

Its very easy to add widgets, extensions as well, Google give you the full controll over your blog as you can edit its main html files if you need more customizations. Beginners, who don’t know about html, please don’t mess with it and use default customization settings provided by google.

3. Security and Optimization

Do you think google will ever fail to protect their blogger’s contents? Never. You don’t need to get your head over security measures. All the optimizations and security measures are done by google and so you can have time to write and don’t care about such thing unlike self hosted wordpress or other CMS.

But if you ever fail to protect your google account, you will lose all the control over your google products. Blogger itself optimize its contents and we don’t need any paid plugins to protect and optimize our blogs. But if you need more customizations than google provide, you can use cloudflare service.

I only suggest Cloudflare for blogger websites. Don’t get trapped in any other plugins or services that is against the policies of google.

4. Stable Services

Downtime is the problem in many of the websites today. Its terrible for your user or visitor to return by getting a 404 error. But with the blogger service, you will have zero downtime.

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We don’t need to care about what hosting or services will get you 100% Uptime, lets google do it. Whatever Technology google uses, its very fast and optimized. So we don’t need to care about the downtime while you are hosting your blog with blogger.


Don’t think too much, If you are beginner, your best opportunity is blogger. I think many of them is utilizing the service of google. But much more didn’t.

Lets calculate the cost you saved while using blogger platform:

$4 Per Month – For Hosting
$10 Per Year – For Domain
$10 Per month – For Security Plugins
$10 Per month – For Themes, Optimizations, cache and other plugins and services.

Beginners can save upto $170 Per year for blogging. Many of them listed above is optional, but if you use blogger, majority of them is free. For custom domain, you have to pay extra is the only cost you need to pay.

Anyway, Blogger has few Limitations, some webmasters may tell you that google will suspend your blog for no reason, but thats not true. If you did something against their policies, you will get banned from using the blogger services. That is very well needed for the decent stability of a free blogging service like blogger that provides everything for free.

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