She never stops..

She’s always on the go, she never quits
She keeps the house in order like a boss
She handles everything, she takes the hits
She doesn’t let us help, she’s at a loss

She snaps at me when I try to check
If she’s alright, if she could use a hand
She says she’s got it covered, what the heck
She says she’s the only one who can

She’s the heart that pumps for us
She fills the rooms with warmth and love
She sacrifices for our sake
She gives us all, she never takes

But her health is getting low
The doctor says she needs a break
I tease her, I say it’s ’cause
She’s spilled her blood all over the place

I see her weary, I see her strained
I see her cracking, I see her pained
I see her sobbing, I see her blue
I see her hurting, I see her through

I know I hurt her with my words
I know I add to her stress
I know she forgives me ’cause
I’m her kid, I’m her flesh

But she should know, my mom, my star
My angel, my home, my guide
I ache for her, I wish for her
I’m sorry for her, I’m here for her

I love her more than words can show
I love her always, I love her so..

Irfan Habeeb
Irfan Habeeb

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