I was a solitary star

I was a solitary star
Shining bright in the dark
Content with my own light
Until you came into my sight

You gave me warmth and care
You boosted my self-esteem
You filled my life with flair
But you never gave me your dream

You said we were friends for life
But you drifted away from me
You built a wall of strife
That I tried to break with glee

I craved for your attention
Even when you shut me out
I hoped for your affection
Even when you filled me with doubt

You locked me out of your heart
And trapped yourself inside
You threw me off the chart
And made me lose my pride

I tossed and turned at night
I felt alone among the throng
I doubted my own sight
And your memories sang a song

I found you in every place
In the clouds, in the breeze, in the space
You had a spellbinding grace
That I could not erase

I attempted to divert my mind
With various deeds and chores
But I failed to leave behind
Your faces and your scores

I split myself in half
One half wanted to let go
To mend the gash and laugh
To bid you farewell and grow

The other half wanted to cling
To suffer the ache and heal
To love you more and sing
To hope for a miracle and feel

I was at a loss for action
Which half was right or wrong
I longed for a direction
But the wait was too long..

Irfan Habeeb
Irfan Habeeb

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