How to make $100 weekly with telegram Airdrops and Giveaways

Airdrop In Telegram

To collect free crypto coins there are several airdrop Telegram groups that provide quick information to earn crypto. In This article, you can have the best telegram links which will make your income increase as bitcoin does!

Making money quickly?

This may sounds weird. Many of our visitors searching for money earning tricks in our blog and there are no quick money earning methods than this for them to get money quickly!

Participating in giveaways is like lotteries which we will never win. But there are many promotional giveaways where only few people participate in it and chance of getting price is high.

I know the situation of users who only have the fate to participate in giveaway, but not to win the price. So for those who can easily win air drops using your skills!

Before getting into the matter,

You must see what I got from the method I am going to explain in this article. Below is the proof of earnings I got through telegram within nearly a month!

Make $100

Trust wallet balance

Above Images are my trust wallet account in which I got $354 in just three weeks and the next one is my brother’s account who have more than ₹1000 Which is almost $15 (in just two days).

Crypto Earnings through Airdrops

Crypto currency is something that I don’t need to describe about for you to understand as it is the trending transaction method used for many companies and individuals.

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You can earn crypto using telegram and that is easily withdrawable to your bank account, by participating in less time consuming events and giveaways.

Airdrop is simply the best option for you to earn crypto by completing the tasks which is simple as following their pages in social media or re-tweeting.

To participate in this kind of airdrops, you must join on telegram!

There are many groups and channels completely related to airdrop in telegram. You can join by searching for airdrop channels.

Here is the links of telegram which only provide you the genuine airdops and giveaway links.

Telegram Channel: @VerifiedAirdops

Telegram Group: @VA_Discussion

I got money from the airdrop which is posted on this telegram channel! So I recommend you to follow this channel for verified airdrops as the name suggests.

If you do not follow the right channel which provide wrong airdrop links, you get nothing by doing some task for their own benefits.

Refferal Contest

It is completely dependable on your skill of inviting people and to making your friends participating in that event by providing your refferal link.

This works as How many friends of yours joined using your links and only the one who tops the chart will win some big amount. Some contests also give you per reffer amount as crypto.

In my experience, I have seen some beasts in this area of money making as they make their own telegram bots to make more referrals and they might have thousands plus referrals.

In this case, you might not get noticed with your referrals of 10 or just 20!

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For beginners, just need to share into the every public telegram groups where everything can be posted freely as the telegram group for links sharing such as below!

Telegram Link: @Airdrobox

AMA Contests

It is the best way to get money. AMA means “Ask Me Anything”. It is a contest provided for marketing purpose of many companies through telegram groups.

Some companies see it as a opportunity to build their community or group of customers. Whatever It is, that is not our concern as we are upto making money!

So First Step Is Join many AMA Groups In Telegram such as below!

Telegram Channel: @CryptoMansion_News

Telegram Group: @CryptoMansion

After Joining, You will get AMA Notifications to your telegram when there is any contests happening around. If you get the notification, just participate by doing all the steps provided in the AMA Details.

AMA generally Is A Question asking contest where only few questions amoung thousands will get picked and the authors will get rewarded!

For your question to be selected, you need a quality question about the project which will be described in the AMA Details.

Many AMA Groups have many contests, some in twitter, telegram group, live questioning, etc..

Whatever the model of contest, you must make your own questions about the project. Suppose you as their customer and what type of question will be in your mind, then you will definitely have the quality doubts in your mind!

Below is a sample of tasks you will have to do in a Airdrop!


According to me, these type of contest have more probability over a simple giveaway with thousands of participants.

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