When I was broke…

I thought I knew loneliness
When I was alone
But I loved my solitude
And the peace it sowed..

But then you came along
And made me feel alive
You filled my every thought
And made my heart revive..

But then you changed your mind
And left me in the cold
You ignored me and hurt me
And made me feel so old..

You showed me no affection
No care, no importance
You pushed me to the sidelines
While I loved you endlessly..

You built a wall between us
A wall of quiet pain
It suited your indifference
But it drove me insane..

I was the voice that cried out
The voice that you ignored
I was the wound that bled out
The wound that you abhorred..

I don’t know if I’ll recover
But I accept your choice
I won’t beg or bother
I will silence my voice..

I was broken and restless
I could not sleep
I tossed and turned
And counted sheep..

But then I saw a familiar face
In my dream
My grampa, smiling
With a gentle beam..

He looked at me with love
And comforted me
He made me feel important
And set me free..

His smile was a balm for my shattered heart
Healing the cracks and mending the parts
I felt his presence in every breath I took
He was my guardian angel, or perhaps, my soul’s look..

Now I cherish every moment
With the ones who care
I don’t let the silence
Make me feel despair..

I know my grampa watches me
From the other side
He guides me and protects me
With his loving light..

I thank him for his visit
In my darkest hour
He gave me hope and strength
And a blooming flower..

Irfan Habeeb
Irfan Habeeb

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