The flower lost her knight

A lonely flower, proud and fair
No winged friend would ever dare
To touch her petals, soft and bright
She ruled her realm with scornful might

But then one day, a curious bird
Flew by her side, and she was stirred
By something new, a strange delight
She wished to know this feathered knight

He was afraid, but drawn to her
He felt a bond, a warmth, a stir
She smiled at him, and eased his fright
She let him in her garden’s sight

He told her how he loved her so
And wished to stay, and never go
She did not answer, but in spite
She asked him to be her loyal knight

He was obsessed, he could not leave
He feared to lose her, he would grieve
He checked on her, day and night
He showered her with words and light

She grew annoyed, she changed her mind
He was not calm, he was not her type
He was not fit to be her knight
She pushed him away, out of sight

He was heartbroken, he could not cope
He lost his hope, he lost his scope
He begged her, pleaded, tried to fight
But she was cold, and harsh, and tight

She said to him, with final breath
“I don’t feel the same, there’s nothing left
The spark is gone, and it’s my fault
Your voice annoys me like a buzzing fly”

He could not see, he could not hear
He could not think, he could not bear
He cried and cried, with all his might
He broke and broke, and lost his light

Irfan Habeeb
Irfan Habeeb

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