Krishna did his part..

A royal shame, a cosmic game
Krishna sees the fate of the land
Where kings are blind and princes vile
And a queen is stripped by a wicked hand

He could have stopped the blood and fire
With a flick of his divine power
But he chose to let the humans act
As they would in their darkest hour

He did not bend the flow of time
Or the course of human will
He was a friend, a guide, a brother
But not a savior or a miracle

That’s why I love him, the lord of all
Who played his part in the epic tale
Many blame him for the war and pain
But it’s in our nature to prevail

I don’t love wars, who does?
But when the dharma is at stake
The destiny must unfold its way
And we must do what it takes..

Irfan Habeeb
Irfan Habeeb

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