Celestial dance: The Farewell of the stars

At midnight, on the terrace, I gazed at the sky
A grey canvas with a blue moon and stars like fireflies
No human noise, only nature’s symphony
A blissful feeling of solitude and harmony

Among the stars, two shone brighter than the rest
Like soulmates, they blinked and conversed
They seemed to romance, to laugh, to confide
They took turns to glow, side by side

But then, without warning, one star flew away
Leaving a trail of sparkles in its wake
No time to say goodbye, no time to hesitate
It vanished in the vastness of space

The other star dimmed, as if in grief
I felt a pang of sadness, a sense of disbelief
But then, it slowly regained its light
And shone with more grace and might

It became a solitary king, a rival to the moon
A dazzling spectacle, a sight to swoon
It also left, with a gentle flash, as if a farewell
I wondered what it meant, but I could not tell

Maybe it was nature’s play, maybe it was an illusion
Maybe there was more to it, beyond our vision
But I did not judge, I did not pry
I just admired the stars, before they said goodbye

Irfan Habeeb
Irfan Habeeb

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