All I did was

I never meant to chase you, or push you, or hurt you
I never meant to make you feel uneasy, or unhappy
I only feared that you would turn away from me
That you would stop looking, stop talking, stop being my friend
And that’s exactly what you did, you ignored me like I am nobody..
Did you do it for good? I doubt it
All I did was try to stay connected with you
All I wanted was your friendship, like before
All I wanted was a ship with you, of any kind
Friendship, relationship, brothership, anyship
But I couldn’t control myself, I couldn’t stop reaching out to you
Even if it annoyed you, even if it bothered you
I know I promised not to disturb you again
But I don’t think I can keep that promise
But I will try, don’t worry..
You are always on my mind, always in my heart
I wonder if you ever think of me, even sometimes
As a friend, as a brother, as a buddy
Who gives you nervous looks and awkward smiles
I will never forget you, I just can’t
I tried to unlike you, unlove you, hate you
But I couldn’t find a reason to, I couldn’t do it
So sorry, I can’t just ignore you or erase you from my mind
I just got rid of the hope, the hope that you would be mine.
But not the love, the love that I have for you..

Irfan Habeeb
Irfan Habeeb

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