Best 10 Premium looking Responsive Blogger Templates!


Is the no.1 free blogging platform with advanced features and functions when comparing to other free platforms.

Blogger is the best option for beginners with no money in their pocket. Read my article about Reasons to choose blogger over wordpress to know more about the use of blogger platform!

Blogger templates

Are now easily updatable and you can even customize on your own like wordpress. It is very easy to customize and change front end of your blog.

Blogger got many templates on their own and you can use it directy from blogger dashboard. And now responsive blogger templates are also available right under the dashboard customization tab!

But I have selected some of the external templates which are developed by others which can give stylish look to your blog’s front end.

Most of the premium and genuine blogger templates have been developed by Templateify, who is the leading templates developer for blogger platform they provide free version with paid themes.

Here are the Top 10 List Made by me for bloggers!!

1. Onepress

Onepress blogger templates

OnePress is a professional magazine blogger template. It is fully customizable, making it a unique option for you who want to create multiple sites with a totally different design with just one template. OnePress is very fast compared to any other magazine you find on the internet. Because we built it with the best and most advanced blogger template optimization techniques. It is also perfect for those who want to increase earnings as it has multiple ad sections, which is perfect for AdSense or other services ads.

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2. Galaxy Mag

Galaxy mag blogger template

GalaxyMag is a beautiful, powerful & flexible Blogger template for News, Magazine and Blog websites. GalaxyMag is totally customizable allowing you to create new exclusive designs in few clicks. It is also super optimized to give you the best results possible on search engines.

3. Topify

Topify Blogger template

Topify is a professional blogger template. It’s very fast, and it can boost your ranking on Google more easily. Topify can help you increase your ad earnings, especially with AdSense, as it has several ad sections, including In-Feed and In-Article Ads. Topify is also fully customizable and you can create many different and amazing designs for each of your sites.

4. Minifast

Blogger template

MiniFast is a professional free blogger template perfect for tutorials, it is fully customizable and you can change everything in this template, really everything. MiniFast is incredibly fast like no other, and will upload your blog to another level. It is also compatible with AdSense, with more than 6 ad areas that will surely increase your earnings.

5. Igniplex

Blogger template

Igniplex is one of the best blogger templates available in market and it is the premium template with lot of advanced design and looks. And it is very comfortable to visitors to browse your blog while using this template. This theme is simple, minimalist, clean and doesn’t have any annoying knick knacks. This theme has comes with dark mode support and other RTL versions.

6. Median UI

Blogger template

Median UI template is a new blogger template from Jago Design. Median UI Blogger Template is designed with the UI dashboard concept, this template is recommended to be used on news blogs. Designs that are simpler but have a high level of readability are the plus points of this template.

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7. Droid Premium

Blogger template

Droid is a professional blogger template, fully customizable and surprisingly fast. Droid is one of the fastest templates ever released by us. It is also fully optimized for SEO, so you get the best search engine results. You can also significantly improve your ad earnings as they come with multiple sections for ads.

8. Sora Viral

Blogger template

Sora Viral Blogger Template is an indispensable news & magazine blogger blogspot template with a clean, modern design suitable for everyone who wants to share their stories about today’s ever-changing technology, the latest breaking news or the hottest trending products with latest and unique day and night features.

9. MagPro

Blogger template

MagPro Responsive News & Magazine Blogger Templates is one of the most professional and modern blogger templates of 2020. It is fully customizable so that you can create several different websites with a single template. MagPro is optimized for search engines and mobile devices and is also super fast. MagPro is also AdSense friendly and has many sections to add your ads including In-Feed and In-Article types.

10. Mono

Mono Blogger template

Mono Blogger Template is a very easy to use lightweight and SEO friendly Blogspot theme. It performs flawless on desktop and mobile devices, making it a search engines favorite. It is a clean, modern, user friendly, and fast-loading blogging theme to start Your online website today. This theme is suitable for any kind of blog, personal, travel, fashion, food, photography, publishing or tutorial blog site.


Blogger is mainly used by hobby bloggers and bloggers with no money in their pocket. But the fact is blogger is the best free platform to build a blog such as business and personal blogs, shopping blogs, education blog and now a days with the help of templates developed by third parties, you can even make a business website with blogger platform!

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This list of templates are mostly suitable to build magazine and news types of blogs. Have a great day with template customization!

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